Founded in Melbourne, Laurel and the Painkillers features some of Australia's highest calibre musicians. With a bluesy-rock style and a vision to deliver outstanding original songs, alongside high energy classic covers, this band will captivate any audience. 

Laurel's passion is writing original music. She studied advanced song & lyric writing at Berklee College of Music, USA.  She chose each of the "Painkillers" because of their high level of musicianship and ability to capture the essence of her songs. Recently they have recorded their first debut album - Songs From Isobel. Click here to purchase.  

Taleb Taleb is an exceptional drummer, producer and arranger. He has been involved in the music industry for over 40 years. A seasoned drummer, he has played with numerous well known bands including The Giants, La Forza, The Tequila Brothers, Tony Pantano and Safari Motel. 

Michael Emmerling is a master of the bass and a mad science educator who builds his own premium basses (Polaris Basses by Dr. Bass). He has played in original and cover bands both in Europe and Australia. Michael likes a good latte, the occasional red and his groove in a deep pocket.

Letitia Mueller 
An experienced vocalist. Letitia currently plays Adele in Melbournes prestigious "One and Only Adele Tribute" show. Letitia enjoys sarcasm, a drop of Baileys and watching Dr Who.